Gunther is no southpaw.

He is ambidextrous.

June 2, 2016 @ 1619

Despite his status as castrato, Gunther likes to kick up a hind leg to mark territory, or maybe it’s not that big a deal if he just needs to pee?  He doesn’t kick a foot every time, though.  He defies my attempts to generalize his behavior.

And he prefers lifting his left rear, but his right rear sometimes gets the nod.

That would make him ambidextrous.  He isn’t a southpaw.

Sometimes he just sort of stretches out and lets it go.  Too often, perhaps because of some sort of malformation of his penis, he pees on his right front paw.  Doesn’t seem to faze him, though.  I mean, he doesn’t shake his wet paw to dry it.

Penny has had to ask me not to bend down so low when I watch him.

Anyhow, in the sleepy morning he once kicked his left back up so high he tipped onto his head.

This was near a chain link fence where a day or two ago he kicked up his left rear, then after he started to tip forward, teetered backward and his foot went through a hole in the chain link.  What a panic!

That’s how I like to start my day, giggling.


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