“What’s the deal, man?”

Photo on 6-2-16 at 6.45 AM

After yesterday’s many activities—  Hey.  I spent a couple hours cleaning the workshop in the back of NOVA theater.

Our workshop.  We inherited it from Nathan Blanding, according to my boss, NOVA Director Dodie Rife.  Wow.  It was filthy and disorganized.  Dodie and I walked through and we discussed the organization scheme preferred by Dan Nickerson.  She wants me to note on each tool with a marker, “NOVA.”

Some racks hold platforms and flats for scenery.

The place is mostly packed with used boards and sticks of various lengths, plus a host of nuts and bolts:  carriage bolts, machine bolts and nuts, eye bolts.  Then a couple dozen kinds of wood screws with phillips heads and star heads.  I haven’t figured out the electric drill situation yet, but I’ll go in today.  I’ll talk to the shop foreman, Dan Nickerson, who will design the sets.

Like I was going to say, this morning, after yesterday’s activities, I could hardly get my eyes to work together.  Nonetheless, I rolled out of bed to take Gunther on his morning quest.  His quest to find the perfect pooping place, that is.

The perfect place.

Well, G. refused to go and I saw that the black labrador from next door, Suzie, was standing in front of our house wagging.  G. loves Suzie, you know.  I had to let them romp around together a bit.  Little G. looks like he’s trying to mount S., even though G. is a castrato, about a quarter her size.  Man, having no nuts doesn’t seem to slow G. around all that much.

Anyhow, ultimately we made it to a yucca on the other side of the block, where he pooped.  I said, “what’s the deal, man?”


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